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The US Coast Guard-approved Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket can be used instead of a Type III personal flotation device to help keep children (15 to 30 kilograms) safe while they play in or on the water. An adjustable buckle snaps in back and ensures a secure fit as they grow. Unlike other PFDs, this life jacket is made from woven polyester, resulting in a softer fabric and less chafing; the jacket also features fun designs so your child won’t rush to take off the vest. Whether they're at the pool, at the beach, or on a boat, kids wearing this life jacket will be able to move and swim freely and will get a confidence boost if they’re just learning to swim.


USCG Certified

Coast Guard-approved child life jackets meet strict safety standards.

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Back Buckle

Adjustable safety buckle kids cannot remove when tightened.


Fits Like a Glove

Secure fit while allowing comfortable freedom of movement.

- US Coast Guard-approved life jacket Type V/III; substitutes for a Type III PFD when worn 
- Premium fabric construction with softer, woven polyester for less chafing 
- Designs inspire more fun in the water 
- Comfortable design for freedom of movement; gives beginning swimmers more confidence 
- Adjustable buckle snaps in back and ensures a secure fit; fits children 15 to 30 kilograms

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Designs Available


Where to Buy

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